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The ASL Ranch project is a dream that goes back to 1994. We are still accepting donations.

As a project of EF Training Center, Inc. (EFTC), a non-profit organization, our Dream has not become reality yet. More information on our Dream is available on the "Purpose" page.

UPDATE: As of 12 April 2016, donations to the ASL Ranch Project total $31,768.80. All donations are deposited in a mutual fund account at American Century. The EFTC board of directors continue to manage the ASL Ranch Project after selling other EFTC projects - including Deaf Expo™ and the TTY Museum - to another non-profit organization in 2001. We do not use ASL Ranch funds towards overhead operation costs. Deaf411, Inc., a press release distribution, marketing & promotional firm has adopted ASL Ranch as a community project, providing basic support services to maintain visibility.

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ASL Ranch is a project of EF Training Center, Inc. (EFTC).
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