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CSD Acquires Deaf Expo™ Show And Other EFTC Assets

An agreement has been reached where CSD would acquire assets of EF Training Center, Inc. (EFTC), a non-profit corporation located in North Hollywood, CA. EFTC is the parent organization of Deaf Expo™, the country´s largest consumer trade show targeted at the Deaf and hard of hearing market. CSD, the largest deaf-run, non-profit organization in the world will incorporate Deaf Expo™ as a management division within the company´s Public Affairs department.

"We recognize the need that Deaf Expo™ has been meeting in the business and community development marketplace and have decided to build on this foundation by joining arms with EFTC," stated Dr. Benjamin Soukup, chief executive officer of CSD. "Our shared commitment and mission is nearly identical so it makes sense to join together and solidify our presence in the communities that we serve."

The concept of merging Deaf Expo™ with CSD was enthusiastically endorsed by the EFTC board of directors. Board secretary Sharon Ann Dror, who had at one time served as Deaf Expo´s director of programming, says this decision would put Deaf Expo™ on solid footing with commitment from CSD to expand the show nationally along with other corporate and organizational sponsors.

Under terms of the agreement, most EFTC assets, programs and projects are to be absorbed by CSD including the national bi-monthly publication, DEAF USA and TTY Museum Collection. The only exception was the ASL Ranch project that will continue as a separate program with its own board. The headquarters of the EFTC located in California will become the CSD Deaf Expo™ management office. David Rosenbaum, who served as EFTC president and Deaf Expo´s director of marketing, will continue to be based in California serving as CSD Show Manager.

The first show under CSD celebrating the tenth anniversary of Deaf Expo 2002 will be held on Friday and Saturday Nov. 15-16, 2002 at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario, Calif. "This merger combines the strengths of both outstanding entities (CSD and EFTC)," said David Rosenbaum. "We both have a desire to increase awareness among corporations, government agencies and the community-at-large as to the capabilities and market niche that the deaf and hard of hearing market represents."

About EFTC - Since 1988, EFTC has promoted projects that increase Deaf awareness, stimulate advances within education, technology, entertainment, the arts and create a better understanding of Deaf history. EFTC has identified innovative approaches to breaking down communication barriers, advancing the social status of the Deaf Community, and paving the path to empowerment within the Deaf Community. EFTC coordinates the national annual Deaf Expo™, the Deaf World performances and historical display, International Deaf Arts Contest, TTY Museum Collection, DEAF USA publication, Deaf Expo General Store and the ASL Ranch Project. For more information see their website at http://www.deafexpo.org.


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